07871 Physical Therapist

07871 Physical Therapist

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The knee is like the foundation of your leg, providing you bending flexibility so you can walk, run, squat, etc. More than any other part of your leg, it can shut you down when you’re suffering with pain in the knee. Here at Physical Medicine & Rehab Center Bronx, our 07871 physical therapist specializes in treating knee pain. Our physical therapist will help you to improve your power, endurance, stability, and flexibility. And by strengthening the muscles surrounding the knee, it will make future knee pain less likely.

Treating knee pain involves challenging sets of exercises designed to restore your knee’s strength and power. When we say challenging, this means pushing you past your comfort level, to the point where you think you cannot do it. But guess what? You can. Certainly, it may be uncomfortable at times. But it’s important to see it as short term difficulty in the pursuit of long term results. Discipline will be needed on your part, but our physical therapist is there to motivate, guide, and inspire you. The effort has to come from you, but rest assured that you are in the hands of a highly skilled and experienced therapist. Your treatment plan will be unique, designed to suit your individual circumstances. We understand that your needs are specific to you, and that’s where our focus is. The timeline for recovery will also vary from person to person.

Our 07871 physical therapist is here to help you in treating knee pain, but with the emphasis on exercising and stretching. Our highly trained therapists integrate the most successful and recognized assessment tools and physical therapy techniques. Our goal is to make your knees stronger than ever before and to have you functioning at your maximum ability in the shortest time frame possible without any setbacks. Why not call us today and book an appointment?

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